Basic PLC Training Station

Basic PLC Training Station

The training station allows installation of various PLC controllers and other automation devices necessary to learn programming. It prepares students to work on real devices and development environments according to the standards currently used in industry. 


Depending on the needs, the PLC training station can be expanded with automation devices of any manufacturer. Additionally, physical plants may be connected with DB37 connectors. A professional PLC training station in conjunction with a real control object makes learning PLC programming even easier and more interesting. 

Technical data:

  • Construction made of aluminum profiles
  • Panel in a steel cover, derived input and output terminals enabling simulation or connection of didactic models
  • 16 banana plugs for connecting digital inputs
  • 16 banana plugs for connecting digital outputs
  • 16 switchs to simulate digital inputs
  • BCD Alphanumeric value displayTwo potentiometer controlled analog outputs (0 – 12.5V) with measurement and displayFour -segment BCD code emulator
  • 2 DB37 connectors

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